Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Charlie Locks Balancing Facial Oil Review

Hello Lovely!

The winter months can really take it's toll on our skin, leaving it dry and flakey.
 Recently, I have really been into facial oils in order to revive and give my skin all of the hydration it has craved in order for it to recover. Luckily, I have found myself a little hidden gem from Charlie Locks. Charlie Locks are a professional skin care brand which supply a wide range of products to help your skin look its ultimate best.

This balancing facial oil is best used as a six week intensive treatment oil taking you on a journey to achieving lifted and luminous skin. This is the perfect time to really take the time pamper your skin and prepare it for spring!

This facial oil is said to 'boost your mood and also balance our natural oil production.' This 30ml bottle contains a range of essential oils to help us achieve the look of a summer glow in winter! 

The three main oils being:

Sweet Orange 
& Neroli 

Straight away I was drawn to this combination as I wanted an oil that would give my skin a well needed boost and hoped these ingredients would brighten up my dull complexion. 
(Vitamin C, come at me!)

Over the past few weeks, I have used this every evening after cleansing and toning and in place of my usual moisturiser.  The first thing I noticed was the scent, it smells gorgeous! It is very citrusy and refreshing and also very warming on the skin which felt really soothing before heading to bed. This oil is also pigmented which helps to brighten up your skin tone but luckily ladies and gents, It will not stain your skin. 

It is recommended to use four to six drops of oil onto the hand and then to massaged into the palms and then applied to the face. This may seem like a lot of product, but I was super surprised how comfortable and non greasy this formula was and it did sink into my thirsty skin very quickly leaving it super soft and hydrated. I also find that whenever my skin is playing up, when the good old hormonal spots come out to play, this helps to combat any nasties that may appear!

Over the past month, I have noticed a difference in my skin texture. It looks more even I would say this product has been successful in giving me back that faux summer glow! My skin is feeling more hydrated than ever and finally I feel that I no longer look like Morticia Adams!

See you later winter skin!

Stay Golden


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